Digitalizing Education in Nigeria


The state of education in Nigeria is dismal, especially in rural areas. Access to good education is scarce, and where it isn’t, it is ridiculously expensive. This is due to the enormous amount resources that go into setting up a school. Infrastructure, Licensing, Staff payment, Environmental maintenance are some of the major culprits, and rightly so.

In a nation ravaged by poverty, there must be ways to give access to quality education beyond the confines of the classroom, or school. This is where Digitalization comes in.

In this ever digital world where you have computers more and more becoming prerequisite for learning, it is wise to harness the power these devices wield and channel them towards creating a system that can cater for education with or without the classroom.


Taking Over

Technology keeps on advancing and making life easier. People make use of their computers and cellular devices more often than not these days and this is drastically improving the way we accomplish tasks, keep records, and even deliver lecturers all over the world.


Technology has made it possible for students in rural areas to gain access to standard education from anywhere in the world, up to certificate level. The opportunities are endless.

A step further

A step further would be the harnessing of technology to suit both academic and administrative needs and processes. This is what the Project Appman brings to the table. We envision such a time when every school would be capable of offering virtual options for every course, such that students who cannot afford to go to school, can have school meet them halfway through a simple device. We envision a time when field trips will be turned to webinars, so that students who cannot afford to go on trips, can traverse within the screens of their devices and gain relevant experience equal to that gotten on the field. We envision a time when self learning can be encouraged, practiced and rewarded. A time when we can achieve equitable access to learning material and content to every individual.

A step further is the Project Appman


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